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Body Contouring & Post-Op

Envy Body Bar provides Body Contouring services that are customized to the client’s needs. This service is perfect for the stubborn belly, back, thighs, arms, or under the chin—WITHOUT THE DOWNTIME. Also, this service is an excellent follow up after plastic surgery to smooth skin and minimize swelling and scar tissue (Fibrosis). Using specialized non-invasive techniques, your technician will target areas for fat removal, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, contouring, and definition. Each client will undergo a consultation to discuss expectations and the most appropriate options to achieve the desired results. Sessions are individualized and may include Ultrasound Therapy, Light Therapy, Vacuum Therapy, Herbal Detox Body Wrap, Maderoterapia/Wood Therapy, Topical Slimming Serums, Lymphatic Massage, Slimming Tea, Waist Reduction Garment, and Far Infrared Sauna Detox. For optimal results, treatments are recommended 2-3 sessions per week for 4-6 weeks—there are also clients that will require additional sessions to achieve their individualized optimal results. It is the client’s responsibility to maintain results. We can assist clients with maintaining their results by offering monthly maintenance packages, which can include a customized treatment plan, lipo shots, diet planning, and one-on-one weight loss coaching with the Weight Loss Specialist.

**We also offer individual surgery packages that include surgical companion and post-op recovery care with a Registered Nurse.

Pricing **all prices are per area unless otherwise noted

  • Consultation 15 mins $20
  • Post-Op & Fibrosis Consultation 20 mins $30 (best if BEFORE surgery completed)
  • Sauna Blanket Detox and Wrap 1 hr 20 mins $70
  • Herbal Spa Body Wrap 1 hr 10 mins $70
  • Post-Op Sculpting (6-12 months after surgery) 1 hr $75
  • Wood Therapy 55 mins $70
  • Cellulite Blasting 1 hr 10 mins $70
  • Cellulite Treatment 1 hr 40 mins $400 (lymphatic massage, wood therapy, cavitation, HD infrared light therapy, sauna detox, and wrap)
  • Tummy on Flat Flat 1 hr 10 min $90
  • Sculpt, Tighten, and Tone 50 mins $110/per area (Upper Back, Lower Back, Abdomen)
  • Waist Sculpting 360 1 hr 25 mins $90
  • Post-Op Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (3) 55 mins $275
  • Post-Op Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (5) 55 mins $435
  • Post-Op Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (10) 55 mins $800
  • Red Light Infrared Heat Therapy 40 mins $50
  • Fibrosis Master Blaster Treatment 45 mins $80
  • Faja Fitting/Body Shaper Fitting 10 mins $25
  • High-Frequency Infrared Light Spot Acne Treatment 15 mins $50
  • Skin Tightening (1 section) 45 mins $70 (discounted for multiple sections)
  • The Vibrator Workout 15 mins $10 (Vibration plate therapy)
  • Press Me Baby Pressotherapy Massage (requested often by athletes/same-day surgery/immediate post-op period/those with lymph drainage conditions or those who are unable to withstand manual lymph massage) 55 mins $150
  • Surgery Companion (individualized) $250 and up
  • Post-Op Recovery Care with a Registered Nurse (individualized) $200 and up


Traveling? Surgery? Having trouble finding time to take care of your skin? Tired of acne, dry, flaky skin? Restore that youthful glow on your face! Pump out those last 12 reps! Get to work after that long night out! And even get rid of that nasty virus that’s keeping you in the bed, EARLY! Envy’s Wellness Center provides IV Hydration Therapy for your optimal health and wellness needs. There are many benefits of IV Hydration Therapy and while you don’t need a reason to need to feel your best, we often provide services to individuals requiring rehydration after intense exercise, pre-operatively and post-operatively, to cure a hangover, for seasonal allergies, during/after a cold or flu, as an immune booster, to increase energy, for improved skin clarity, and when they’re just not feeling their best. We have selectively created a variety of IV Hydration Therapy cocktails using custom-made mixtures of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, fluids, detoxifiers, and other supplements that aim to provide optimal health, energy, and hydration restoration with YOU in mind by allowing 90-100% absorption of nutrients; however, this service can also be customized to meet your individual needs! All services are confidential, and we have a NO JUDGMENT policy—we don’t care if you’ve just left the party or your place of worship **wink wink**! Although we’re not here to judge, we must be diligent, and to this end, we require that clients complete an Intake Form prior to coming in for IV Hydration service. The Intake Form allows us to screen appropriate clients for this service—as there are considerations we must make for the client’s safety.

*Consultations are strongly encouraged.

  • Bye Bye Hangover Drip $150
    Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. We have the answer! This is one of our favorite drips because our clients love it. This drip has been referred to as the hangover miracle for a reason. After your IV V hydration infusion, you can say “Bye Bye!” to nausea, pounding headaches, and overall pain and fatigue you felt beforehand.
  • Flower Child (for Women) $150
    This is for the ladies (sorry gents). Also a favorite, this infusion delivers a packing punch to fight cramps, bloating, headaches, and nausea so that you can get back to business.
  • Seasonal Drip $160
    Stuck in bed after the cold/flu…this one’s for you. While we don’t have an “app for that,” we have a DRIP for it! Let us help you boost your immune system before you get sick or get better sooner with this powerful cocktail of minerals and vitamins!
  • Just for Me Drip $125
    When we get through
    most of the week and can't remember what day it is and can't remember the last time we did something that remotely resembled us taking care of ourselves, or you simply don't have the energy you wish you had...THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! We get lost in the monotony and forget to replenish ourselves. It’s only fair that, for our most popular IV drip, we use a classic IV treatment, the Myer’s Cocktail, to give clients what they need when they’re running on “E” with 3 more laps to go!
  • Busy Bee $120
    Packed with Vitamins B and C, this drip is an excellent choice for those on the go! No matter if its working long hours, traveling, change in schedules, or fatigue, this will help you feel your best. This drip is most requested for its energy boost, but it’s immune booster qualities shouldn’t be overlooked. It packs a powerful punch
  • Driptastic $65
    When dehydration is your worst enemy, make this drip your best friend. The standard infusion of saline will help you restore what we deplete in our day-to-day lives.
  • Hard Knockout Drip $165
    Ok. This. One. Is. Absolutely. Necessary. It’s a Migraine killer. Need we say more?! This IV drip is created to provide relief of Migraine symptoms while restoring your overall hydration.

B12 and Lipo Injections/Weight Loss Plan

B12/Lipotropic Injections are shots with high doses of B12 and other compounds specific to the client’s needs. These injections work to increase energy, improve sleep and mood, increase metabolism, and improve the immune system. Effects from B12/Lipotropic injections are often immediate.

  • Lipotropic B12
    Single Shot $30
    4 Shot Package $108
    8 Shot Package $192
    12 Shot Package $252


  • Super Lipotropic
    Single Shot $40
    4 Shot Package $144
    8 Shot Package $256
    12 Shot Package $336


  • Extreme Lipotropic
    Single Shot $50
    4 Shot Package $180
    8 Shot Package $320
    12 Shot Package $420

Lash Extensions

Customizable extensions individually applied throughout your natural eyelashes that help you achieve your “wake-up ready” look without lifting a finger. No matter if you prefer the “au naturel” look or like to spice it up with a BOLD look—whatever your look, lash extensions can be the reason you sleep in an extra 15 minutes, and alas, give the peace sign to that messy tube of mascara in your makeup bag! Poof—be gone!

Preparation: It is recommended that no coffee is consumed 4 hours prior to your appointment time, as it can cause increased blinking. Also, your face should be free of make-up and cleansed with a water-based cleanser prior to your service. 

Application Time: 30-120 minutes

Maintenance: Use oil-free face cleanser and brush daily with a lash brush. Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks.

  • Volume Lash Extensions-full application $50 ($25 consultation fee is included in the total price of service)
  • Hybrid Lash Extensions-full application $60 ($25 consultation fee is included in the total price of service)  
  • Keratin Lash Lift-creates a semi-permanent lash curl at the root of the lash which gives the appearance of a wide-open, more youthful eye $60


Hydrafacial-Close your eyes and relax! Using special tools, the Envy technician will cleanse, extract, and hydrate the face with amino acids, vitamins, nutrients, and super serums simultaneously. These super serums are infused with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, and non-irritating--Perfect for blackheads, uneven skin tone, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, shrinking pores, anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation. 

Facial Rejuvenation-What began as a personal journey evolved into what is now Envy’s Facial Rejuvenation treatment. Envy Founder developed this treatment while looking to help her mother restore her youthful appearance. This treatment can be performed on your lunch break and results are obvious immediately, but also improve over the next few days. Facial rejuvenation uses multiple specialized techniques, including wood working therapy and light energy to target sun damage and uneven pigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and reduce pore size, textual irregularities and acne. This service can be targeted to many areas—not just the face/neck and is especially beneficial to clients with crepe neck/crepe skin, acne, frown/smile lines, and dull skin. Treatment focuses on reconditioning the network of collagen fibers and tightening skin to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. This treatment is often combined with the HydraFacial for optimal results; however, can be provided as a treatment by itself. Results can be noticed immediately, and maintenance therapy is not always necessary. What else can I say…this treatment is awesome!

  • Hydrafacial $150
  • Facial Rejuvenation $140
  • Hydrafacial plus Facial Rejuvenation $240

  • Water-Based Blackhead Extractions $35
  • External Ear Cosmetic Package $50

Herbal Steam

EnV Steam® The ancient practice of vaginal herbal steaming done by women all over the world has been passed down anecdotally, and from mother to daughter. Vaginal steaming (V-Steam, Yoni Steam, Bajos Steam, etc) is a simple, non-invasive, and an ancient form of reproductive self-care. During an EnV Steam®, herbs are gently simmered with water, and then used as a steam to deliver healing properties into the woman’s reproductive system and into the bloodstream. Some have touted the benefits of V-steaming to include having improved outcomes in women with infertility concerns and those that are trying to get pregnant after the use of oral contraceptives. The benefits of V-steaming are many! Come see what all of the fuss is about!

**Do not steam if: you are pregnant, think you could be pregnant, are currently menstruating, have intermittent bleeding between periods, if you do not handle heat well (i.e. saunas make you feel sick).

Tootsie Steam®

Hmmmm…where should we begin here? When is it NOT good time to get a foot bath??? For many centuries, foot baths have been considered invaluable as they are naturally therapeutic and possess healing properties (increased lymph flow, relief of headaches, increases circulation, and relieves insomnia). Let us not forget to mention how many miles you put on those dogs!!! Come in and have a seat and take a load off of those feet. You won’t regret it. Our Tootsie Steam® uses a variation of customizable foot soaks containing Dead Sea Salt, Himilyan Salt, Epsom Salt, and Essential Oils that all add a therapeutic value. Don’t like it hot?! Contrary to popular belief, any temperature foot soak is therapeutic—so just let us know if you prefer a cold foot bath---we’re hip! #facts

**Individuals with heart conditions, heat intolerance, numbness or circulation issues in the feet, significant swelling in the feet/legs, foot sores/infections, frostbite, and diabetes are unable to receive Tootsie Steam services. We can offer a hot pack for the upper thighs or upper back to substitute, for some circulation benefit. Please inquire within. 

***Pregnant women should undergo hot foot baths with caution, making sure to avoid extreme heat and prolonged periods of soaking.

Herbal Scalp Therapy

This treatment uses an herbal formula that cleanses the hair and scalp without harsh chemicals, that strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and unmanageable. The Ayurvedic herbs lift dirt and debris from the scalp while nurturing the hair roots. This treatment helps alleviate dryness, dandruff, and oiliness while infusing lustrous condition and healthy shine. 

  • EnV Steam®
    Time: 30/45/60 mins.
    Price: $50/$60/$75
  • Tootsie Steam® (foot bath)
    Time: 15-30 mins.
    Price: $30-45
  • Herbal Scalp Therapy
    Time: 30-45 mins.
    Price: $60